Say Cheese? Yes, Please! | Black Diamond Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentist black diamond 300x300 Say Cheese? Yes, Please! | Black Diamond Teeth WhiteningNow that most smartphones feature a built-in camera, photo opportunities are everywhere. Family gatherings, dinner with friends, and even the workplace all become chances to snap a picture. For people whose smile is marred by yellow or brown stains on their teeth, the thought of saying “cheese” is enough to send them into full panic mode. On-camera or off, a healthy and attractive smile helps patients look and feel their best. Dr. Gordon Chin of Diamond Valley Dental offers several options for teeth whitening in Black Diamond, allowing his patients to whiten at home or in his office.

Zoom! Teeth Whitening

For dramatic results without the wait, patients can visit Dr. Chin’s office for treatment with Zoom whitening. Patients request this fast and effective whitening treatment more than any other professional teeth whitening system on the market, with tens of millions of satisfied patients across the world singing its praises. A single treatment, which lasts about an hour, whitens even the most stubborn stains by several shades. It’s not uncommon for patients to stop by for in-office whitening on their lunch break. Zoom also appeals to patients who have special events planned, such as weddings, speeches, or even job interviews.

DayWhite and NiteWhite for Home Whitening

Patients who prefer to whiten their teeth in privacy can opt for either the DayWhite or NiteWhite system. Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening kits, these home whitening systems achieve results comparable to those of Zoom whitening, albeit more gradually. Dr. Chin provides professional strength bleaching gel, which the patient will use to fill special whitening trays. Because these trays are custom-fitted to each individual’s teeth, they are more comfortable than one-size-fits-all options, and they provide more consistent whitening—no need to worry about uneven or splotchy results. Some patients even wear their DayWhite trays on their morning commute.

A Beautiful Smile Is More Than White Teeth

A patient who desires a more attractive smile all around benefits from teeth whitening as part of a total smile makeover. Dr. Chin points out that the ideal smile has several characteristics other than color, such as shape, size, and straightness of the teeth. Even the gums affect the overall impact of a smile. A prominent gum line can be addressed with a gum lift, creating a more balanced smile. For teeth that do not respond to whitening, or that have several cosmetic flaws, Dr. Chin may recommend dental bonding or porcelain veneers. These treatments improve the shape and size of teeth and can also make the teeth appear straighter without orthodontics.

You shouldn’t fear a photo opportunity. To learn more about professional teeth whitening in Black Diamond, or to request an appointment with Dr. Gordon Chin, contact Diamond Valley Dental at 403-933-2225. We welcome patients living in and around Turnery Valley, Longview, Okatoke, Millerville, and Black Diamond. For the latest updates and tips on caring for your smile, follow Diamond Valley Dental on Facebook.

Dental Technology at Your Black Diamond Dentist Office

shutterstock 114694648 300x242 Dental Technology at Your Black Diamond Dentist OfficeWhen it comes to staying on the cutting-edge of dental technology, Black Diamond dentist Dr. Gordon Chin is top-notch. Dr. Chin and our team at Diamond Valley Dental make it a priority to uphold the highest standards of technological advancements so that we can provide you, our valued patient, with unparalleled dental care. We’re proud to employ the following technologies and more at our state-of-the-art dentist office.

Dental Technology at Your Black Diamond Dentist Office

Digital photography: We use a digital camera to record images of oral structures and before-and-after photos. We’ll take photos of your teeth and overall appearance from several different angles during your first appointment at Diamond Valley Dental, and we’ll be sure to focus on any problem areas that need attention. Many patients are amazed at the difference between their pre- and post-procedure photos. The difference is easy to see, and more and more patients are realizing how easy it is to achieve your dream smile when you work with an experienced dentist and dental team. Not convinced? Ask to see photos of past patient success stories the next time you’re in our office. Continue reading

The Truth About Jaw Pain and TMJ Disorder

woman in jaw pain 300x200 The Truth About Jaw Pain and TMJ DisorderBody aches and pains can occur frequently enough that many people consider them a routine part of life; an annoying one, but one that simply must be tolerated. For instance, headaches can occur for almost limitless reasons, and rather than trace and treat their source, patients often prefer to grin and bear it, attacking the discomfort with over-the-counter painkillers and home remedies. These techniques may offer temporary relief, but if you chronically suffer from aches and pains, then chances are there is something wrong that must be addressed. In many cases, chronic, unexplained aching stems from a common dental problem known as TMJ disorder. As a jaw dysfunction, TMJ disorder can lead to a host of different symptoms, including severe headaches and earaches along with recurring jaw pain. Continue reading