Worried You Might Need An Extraction?

Dental Extraction Nervous PatientThere are many circumstances that can cause a tooth to become loose, infected, fragile or even broken beyond repair. When other restorative treatments have failed, or if your circumstances make it impossible to save the tooth, then an extraction may be necessary. Extractions may sound scary, but they’re actually quite safe and, in many cases, a necessary step to prevent further oral health problems. At Diamond Valley Dental we’re happy to help take the fear out of important dental procedures, like extractions, so you can eliminate your teeth problems and get back to enjoying your bright, healthy smile. Continue reading

What Can A Dental Crown Do to Help My Smile?

What Can a Dental Crown Do to Help My Smile Crown IllustrationWhen you lose a tooth, it’s natural to feel frustrated and even embarrassed. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with a smile that doesn’t make you happy! Dental crowns are a wonderful way to improve the appearance of your smile after the loss of a tooth, but they can also help prevent further problems for your oral health. Because missing teeth can cause problems for your alignment and open you up to the danger of infection, addressing missing teeth is more than a cosmetic issue. So whether you’ve lost a single tooth or several, crowns could be a helpful option for you. Continue reading

What Is a Root Canal?

What Is a Root Canal?The term “root canal” can strike fear in many people, even if they don’t know exactly what it is. In fact, most people don’t realize that the term “root canal” actually just refers to the inside of a tooth, not a dental procedure. The root canal is where nerve tissue and other cells reside. This is known as the “pulp” of the tooth. If infected, the pulp can threaten the health of the tooth, which is where root canal treatment comes into play. Root canal treatment involves removing the infected pulp in order to improve oral health, and in many cases, to save the infected tooth. What was once considered a scary, painful procedure, can, in many cases, be the best way to eliminate tooth pain and sensitivity. Continue reading