Do Your Teeth Need Professional Teeth Whitening?

Teeth Whitening Can Improve Your SmielAre you embarrassed by the color of your less-than-pearly whites, but confused by the many products you see advertised that promise to lighten your teeth? Many people are curious about the differences between the over-the-counter dental care products they see on their grocery store or pharmacy shelves and those offered by cosmetic dentists. If you are one of those people, it is important to consider both your goals for your smile, and your expectations for teeth whitening treatment, in order to determine which option is going to help you achieve the dazzling smile of which you’ve been dreaming! Continue reading

Could You Do Even More to Prevent Dental Problems?

Can You Better Protect Your Smile?Have you struggled with frequent cavities in the past? In fact, are you concerned that you will soon be dealing with yet another dental cavity? Perhaps you noticed a chip or crack, or recently had to have restorative treatment to address another oral health problem. Whatever the cause for your newfound dedication to taking better care of your dental health, the good news is that there are some surprisingly simple steps you can take to help better preserve your oral health. It just requires that you combine smart choices at-home, with regular preventive checkups! Continue reading

Would a Modern Prostheses Give You More Confidence?

Restore Your Smile with a Modern ProsthesesAre you embarrassed to show off your smile, because of a missing tooth or even a failing or ill-fitting prosthetic? Adult tooth loss can be a frustrating experience, one that sadly leads many to struggle with confidence and even proper nutrition due to difficulties chewing. Fortunately, modern restorations make it possible to address tooth loss with both cosmetic and functional benefits. So, whether you recently lost a tooth, have an extraction scheduled soon, or are finally ready to address a dated prosthetic, speak with your restorative dentist about the modern ways of completing the smile! Continue reading