Understanding Porcelain Veneers

smileperfectHave you been wondering if there is a way to dramatically improve the appearance of your smile without dealing with several treatments and an extensive wait time? For patients dealing with a long list of esthetic imperfections or dislikes, we often suggest porcelain veneers to accomplish a smile makeover. We encourage you to learn more about veneers if you would like to achieve a stunning smile, so you can decide whether this or another cosmetic treatment will best suit your smile goals.

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Non-invasive Gum Lift Treatments

woman in white shirt smilingIt’s suggested that asymmetry is the key to beauty, which means a “gummy” smile may be disrupting smile. Does your smile have more gums than it should? Did you know that in some cases, gums can actually be covering more of your teeth than necessary and that uneven gum lines are correctable? Advanced dental technology at Dr. Chin’s office in Black Diamond, AB allows for gum lift treatments, which are essentially evening or reducing your gums to allow for more of your bright, white teeth to shine when you smile. Continue reading

Your Teeth Whitening Options

woman smiling, black and white photoDo your teeth look yellow or discolored? Can you see the difference in your smile and your friend’s when looking in the mirror? Are you embarrassed to smile because of the color of your teeth? Fortunately, Dr. Chin at Diamond Valley Dental in Black Diamond, AB offers teeth whitening treatments that fit a variety of lifestyle schedules. Visit or call today to find out more, or you can read the rest of the article below to discover what is offered at the office. Continue reading