Everything You Know About Teeth Grinding is Wrong…Almost

teeth grinding diamond valley 300x200 Everything You Know About Teeth Grinding is Wrong...AlmostWe like to think that we’re in control of our bodies, whether it’s by choosing to eat healthy foods or forcing ourselves to hit the gym for our daily workout. Most of the time it’s easy to make conscious decisions that positively impact or health, which explains why teeth grinding is such a confounding problem. Sometimes it’s a matter of stress; others, not so much. Dr. Gordon Chin, who treats teeth grinding in Black Diamond, Alberta, debunks common misunderstandings about the nature of bruxism and its treatment. Continue reading

Ahhh, an Abscess!

abscess 300x200 Ahhh, an Abscess!Have you ever wondered what a dental abscess is, how it looks, feels, and is treated? You probably hardly notice when your mouth is healthy. If your teeth look white, you have no toothaches, no sores, you’re chewing, swallowing, and tasting fine, you probably give no thought to your mouth at all. However, if you burn your tongue, have a toothache, or there is a sore or abscess, life can suddenly become miserable. The topic today of your Black Diamond family dentist, Dr. Chin’s blog is a dental abscess.

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